The star to shoot an ad for the soft drink giant even as Rani gets the boot
Coca Cola has renewed its contract with Aamir Khan. The superstar will shoot the next ad for Coke in a week's time.Sources within the company have revealed that the Khan will be paid Rs 10 crore under the new contract.
Interestingly it has been over two years since Aamir Khan has shot for a Coke commercial.

The last time we saw the star was when he endorsed Coke's strict quality control measures. This was when soft drinks of both PepsiCo and Coke failed health standards testing positive for pesticides.

A source revealed that the price hike has been a result of the super success of Ghajini.
Aamir's former co-star Rani Mukerji however has not been so lucky. The actress who has not had a hit in quite some time now is clearly not a favourite with the company.
Fanta, the brand she endorsed, has now been taken over by the much younger and chirpier Geneila.
Meanwhile cricketer Gautam Gambhir has managed to bag a deal with Coke but it remains to be seen if Aamir and he will star in the same campaign.
"Aamir Khan is currently in Bangalore working on 3 Idiots. We will shoot the campaign with him soon after he returns to Mumbai early next week," the source said.