Will SRK go one-up on Aamir with Billu Barber ?

With Billu Barber set to release soon, times is ripe with talks of how it will fare against the hit Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini

We don't know what you think of Aamir's Khan's Ghajini, but we're telling ya one thing. we haven't ever witnessed such brilliant marketing strategy for any Bollywood movie. AK can take a bow for that. In fact recently, in a hold-no-bar interview, Aamir Khan confessed that he thought SRK was good at PR, but not so much at marketing. "Shah Rukh is excellent in PR. I am not sure about his marketing. You don't have to be there for marketing your movie. Someone like Himesh Reshammiya...you see a cap and you think about him. That's marketing. You go to a theatre and you see a Ghajini look. That's marketing. I don't have to be there. I think the thing in which Shah Rukh excels is PR. He has that quality and does that very well."

We think that this time AK is genuinely paying SRK a compliment. Think so? However, SRK himself, who leaves no stone unturned in promoting his movies, is taking it a bit slowly on the eve of the release of Billu Barber. He's avoiding crowded places, inspite of wanting to reach out to his fans, and that is simply because he can't take any chances with his injured shoulder. But don't ya worry, lovelies, he might not be right there with you, but trust him; the King Khan will be all over the place. And knowing the genius behind that calm faade, he'll probably pull off a campaign that'll be new and unique. Righto AK ?

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