May 31|2009

Me-time is something we all crave and when you’re a successful actor, surrounded all the time by your entourage, to say nothing of work-related people and fans; it can be hard to find any.
But Katrina Kaif has successfully solved the problem. Her solution: Get up early, get your fitness regimen done with, while the rest of filmdom is still asleep, and then take a couple of hours off to do exactly what you want. “I wasn’t a morning person but have now started getting up at 6.45 am to go swimming from 8-9 am,” she says. “By 9.15 am I’m home having had this great swim that energises me, and spend time with myself for two hours after that. I think the only person who’d be awake at this time would be Akshay Kumar, who’d probably be in the middle of his own exercise routine.”

Sitting with the sun in her face, hair tousled and dressed delectably in shorts and a tee, she adds, “They are MY two hours. I will not sacrifice them for dress fittings or dubbing or anything. They are my two hours to do nothing. If I want to look up ‘nothing’ on the Internet, I’ll do just that. If I want to sit on my couch and stare at the glass ceiling and just watch the sun come in, then it’s just that. I don’t even allow my maids to come and talk to me. I’ve been asked why I don’t just sleep for the two hours but I really believe those two hours of my being with myself is very important for me to function.”

It helps that her boyfriend gets up late, you venture. She replies, ‘Salman doesn’t get up really late. In any case, he has his own routines and a set pattern in life, and he doesn’t want to experiment with his time.”

Katrina feels me-time is especially important for an actor. She says, “When you go to work, which is every day, you have twenty hands of various people touching you, and it may sound like nothing, but trust me, after a while you cannot have people constantly touching, touching touching… and talking, talking, talking to you! It’s insane!”

Has success made allotting me-time more possible? “No, because the me-time I’m talking about doesn’t take away from my work time. In fact I do more work than I used to.”

Having said which, she goes back to lounging on her couch and spending me-time with herself.