May 28|2009

Mumbai: In the glitzy world of Bollywood, where one can hardly distinguish between ‘real’ and‘reel’ world, one often comes across waiflike relationships getting ruined by clashing egos, insecurities and insalubrious skirmishes. In B-town, Salman Khan is one such actor whose messy love life has left many Bollywood damsels broken hearted.
Always famous for hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, news has it that Salman has once again come in the eye of storm, courtesy his splitsville with Katrina Kaif. Post the tumultuous yearlong strained love affair; the couple has finally decided to end their affair.

For Bollywood, the Salman-Katrina split was bound to happen as both the actors were liked with Asin and Ranbir Kapoor respectively.

Famous for being lady’s man, Salman’s affection with Asin and German model Claudia Ceisla was the talk of town when the hunk of an actor gifted a puppy to Asin and introduced Claudia to his family as a ‘special friend.’

With Katrina`s growing friendship with Ranbir on the sets of ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’ giving sleepless nights to Salman, the actor became increasingly jealous of his ladylove signing films with Akshay Kumar.

Well, Salman’s woes did not end here as Katrina made it clear that career is her top most priority. She was also adamant on maintaining her own relationships. For instance, even after Salman and SRK face off, the petite actress had a cordial relationship with SRK and even toured on his ‘Temptation’ world tour.

According to the latest grapevine, when Salman asked Katrina to marry him, the lady refused stating that it would affect her career and moreover they were no longer compatible.

Salman started dating Katrina in 2004, shortly after the actress moved to India in order to pursue her B-town innings. It was generous Salman who used his goodwill to ensure she got A-list offers in Bollywood.