May 28|2009

Either media reportage is entering a new age of fiction or love has become a fickle thing. The latest rumour about a sprouting love affair between John Abraham and Katrina Kaif seem to have its roots in fiction rather than facts.

Even though we await the confirmation of the fact that Katrina Kaif has indeed broken up with Salman Khan , a new rumour has begun making rounds – that something is brewing up between John and Kat. Reports say the two stars bonded real well while shooting their film New York and there was a continuous exchange of SMSes between the two.

In fact, gossipmongers pin the reason for ‘split’ between Salman and Kat on this bonhomie and camaraderie between John and the beautiful Kaif girl. Salman, rumours allege, is extremely displeased that Katrina is bonding with a man he regards a foe. And therefore he has shut Kat out of his life and even thrown all the things that remind him of her out of his house.
Well, this speculation has flabbergasted John the most of all.

“I’m astounded that I’m being pulled into something so bizarre,” John is quoted as saying in a TOI report.

Even Bipasha Basu , John’s steady girlfriend and quite an outspoken woman, describes the stories of romance between John and Katrina as “malicious” and “the most bizarre”. Bips even goes to the extent of saying that she and John are still together.
Well, then who the heck is Katrina dating?...