May 20|2009

Who would have thought big boys fight over silly things like tattoos? With Bollywood stars though, anything is possible. Heard that one of the reasons for friction on the sets of the Akshay Kumar-Sanjay Dutt flick Blue shot in the Bahamas were the tattoos on the leading men’s bodies. Akshay wears his son Aaraav’s name on his upper back and Sanjay Dutt has the most enviable collection of four tattoos including a lion on different parts of his body — back, forearm, etc.

According to a unit source who was witness to the filming of the underwater sequences, it so happened that Akki saw Sanju’s tattoos blazing on his body like a rock star and suggested to an assistant director that perhaps ‘baba’(Sanju) should cover the tattoos with make up because it wouldn’t go with the character he was playing. Sanju agreed to the suggestion, but when someone later told him that Akki was ‘jealous’ of his tattoos and hence he asked for them to be covered, Sanju was apparently disturbed. Akshay denies all this tattoo blah.

“Sanjay and I are very cordial with each other,’’ says Akki. “Where do these constant rumours of stress between us keeping cropping up from?’’ Akki said that even after watching the promos of Chandni Chowk to China — one of the first to congratulate him was Sanjay. At the party for Blue, the two guys posed for the shutterbugs.

“When Sanju visited the sets of De Dana Dan we hugged in view of the full unit,’’ says Akki. “Please don’t waste your breath asking me ridiculous questions,’’ he says. Must say the assistant director who has been spreading these stories of rivalry between Akshay and Sanjay must be going ‘blue’ in the face.