May 19|2009

A man who’s been enjoying his single status for years, Vivek Oberoi is under pressure to find a suitable girl and settle down.

Vivek has been bonding with Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan during the shooting of director Rensil D'Silva ’s film ‘Qurbaan’ which was previously titled Jihad . Having known Vivek since she first worked with him in Yuva followed by Omkara , Kareena has been telling the actor it’s about time he ended his single status.

“The pressure (of finding a girl) is on, not only from my family but from even Bebo…Every time we go out for dinner, she would shake her head and tell me - 'find a nice girl and settle down' and I would hide behind Saif to dodge the bullet. We had some great laughs,” Vivek is quoted as saying in an IANS report.
Vivek’s romantic life has been fodder for gossip columns ever since he broke off his engagement to his fiancée Gurpreet Gill (his girlfriend of many years) at the start of his career in Bollywood. Then he dated Aishwarya Rai but lost her love soon. Since then he has been linked with a couple of girls, Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez one of them. Presently, he’s been linked with sitar player Anoushka Shankar .

However, Vivek claims he’s yet not found the girl he’s looking for.

“I'm single because I am waiting to find the girl who will make me want to never be single again,” Vivek said.