May 19|2009

Katrina Kaif recently shot for a water skiing stunt with such confidence that her co-star Akshay Kumar was left utterly impressed by the Bollywood beauty’s bravado. Akshay himself struggled at the stunt.

The Khiladi who loves to flirt with danger finally found a stunt at which he fumbled time and again. It happened during the shooting of Priyadarshan’s movie De Dana Dan in Singapore.

“I have never fallen on my *** so many times in one day I swear…You know at the back of my mind I’ve always wondered what is going to be ‘that’ thing in life I’m gonna find unbelievably difficult??… Ha Ha, I’ve found it…Ladies and Gentlemen it was Water Skiing,” Akshay writes in his latest blog post.

Recalling the way he struggled at learning water skiing, Akshay wrote that director Priyadarshan only gave him half an hour thinking it won’t be difficult for Akki to master water skiing.

“Well surprise surprise, water skiing ain’t that easy, it looks so graceful and easy and killer cool to do, you know, anyone could do it. Well I’m sorry, I was so so wrong, it’s ridiculously harder than it looks and so much funnier,” Akshay wrote.

The Singh Is Kinng star wrote that it took him a few hours to learn the skill, but once he had got the hang of it, he could even carry Katrina Kaif on his back while water skiing.

“…needless to say it took a few more times than first expected to nail this thing, but by lunch not only had I cracked it, I was carrying the incredibly beautiful and brave Katrina Kaif on my back whilst whizzing round on this thing like it was second nature,” the actor wrote.

And what impressed Akshay was the way Kat pulled off the stunt with confidence and fearlessness.

“So I must say hats off to Katrina, she did extremely well, not many heroines I know would have tried and succeeded as much as Kat did, well done girl…” the actor gushed.