May 18|2009

Sonam Kapoor is a disappointed girl nowadays. Her dream of walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival has been crushed.

It’s official now. L’Oreal, the cosmetic brand, has clearly stated that its new brand ambassador Sonam won’t be part of the L’Oreal Paris dream team and she has been asked not to go to Cannes. The statement comes just days after Sonam had expressed her exuberance over walking the red carpet with Aishwarya Rai , the brand’s longtime ambassador, at Cannes.

What has caused this turnaround on the part of the brand is still a mystery, but the buzz is that Aishwarya used her influence to push Sonam out of the picture at Cannes. According to grapevine, Ash did not want to share an international platform like Cannes with Sonam, who’s still a rookie, and expressed her displeasure with L’Oreal, after which the brand dropped Sonam from the Cannes dream team.
This sounds highly unlikely because Ash is at a place where she’s not insecure of anyone. And according to a statement by a spokesperson of L’Oreal, Sonam was advised not to go to Cannes because “there were adverse reports in certain sections of the media after some comments by Sonam Kapoor, which were presented out of context.”

It appears that there were perhaps some statements by Sonam that did her in.

The brand’s spokesperson told a news daily: “L’Oreal is extremely mindful of the image of its spokespeople, in the same way as it expects them to respect its image.”

So is it Ash, or Sonam herself who’s responsible for the cancelled trip? Well, the mystery continues for now.