May 7|2009

Hold your horses, folks. We’re not creating a rumour here, but just talking about the onscreen love of Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori .

Call it ‘silent love’, if you will. Two people, both attractive but unable to understand each other’s languages, fall in love. It’s a love expressed more in glances, touches, and…ahem, ahem…kisses, rather than words. It’s definitely not the kind of love where one needs to blabber the three usual words “I Love You” in order to show the ‘strength’ and ‘depth’ of one’s feelings.

That’s the kind of love that sprouts and blooms between Hrithik and Barbara in Rakesh Roshan’s home production Kites .
In the film Hrithik speaks Hindi, with a little smattering of English. But Barbara speaks only Spanish. So her part of the film will have English subtitles running at the bottom of the screen.

It would be interesting to see how director Anurag Basu manages to bring out emotions in this non-verbal love story.

But wait! There’s more tangle to this love saga. Kangana Ranaut adds a third angle and, needless to say, our break-dancing hero will find himself torn between the two femme fatales.

Barbara or Kangana? Which way will the ‘Kites’ swoop?