May 6|2009

Mumbai: After getting unceremoniously dumped by Kareena Kapoor for ‘Chote Nawab’ Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapur’s love life has been on the rocks! Post his break-up with Kareena, Shahid has been linked to almost every B-town actress, be it Vidya Balan or Priyanka Chopra. Nonetheless, strange it might appear, with Bollywood buzzing with rumours of Kareena Kapoor causing a rift in Shahid and Priyanka’s budding love life, it seems that Saif-Kareena-Shahid-Priyanka quadrangle is getting murkier with each passing day!
Kareena recently told a leading news paper that, “Why am I being dragged into all this? I don’t like my name to come up in connection with other people’s lives. I’ve moved on and I wish Shahid Kapur would also do so. Beyond that I don’t wish to say anything. Nothing can separate Saif and me. Certainly not these silly attempts to drag me back to a past I’ve left behind. Please leave us alone.”
However, Shahid Kapur is not happy with Kareena’s comments and is fuming at his ex-girlfriend. Incidentally, Kareena expressed her anger over her name being dragged every time a story about Shahid comes into public eye. However, with Kareena making a general statement, her ‘please leave us alone’ has been quoted out of context and is presented in such a fashion as if Kareena is asking Shahid to get out of her life.

This angered Shahid who reportedly said, “We all know who is interfering in whose life.”

News has it that Shahid is obliquely hinting at his ex-girlfriend Bebo, who, is gloomy with the dishy actor’s growing intimacy with B-town hottie Priyanka Chopra.

Well, strange are the ways of Bollywood where one fails to comprehend the difference between reel and real love!