May 6|2009

New Delhi Amitabh Bachchan:
May have taken pot shots at media time and again in his blog but the megastar had once dreamt of becoming a journalist himself!

The powerhouse actor gets to fulfill his long cherished dream in the upcoming film ‘Rann’, which portrays him in the role of a media honcho. During a press conference of Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Runn’ on Wednesday, Amitabh said, “During the 70s I had thought of journalism as an ideal career. What could a better job be than being able to bring out the truth before the public.”

Big B has played a variety of roles, from a revolutionary in his debut ‘Saat Hindustani’ to a man in love with a woman half his age in ‘Cheeni Kum’, Bachchan has done it all.

When enquired about the variety of roles portrayed by Amitabh, the 66-year-old actor said that even at this stage of his career, he looks forward to new challenges and his upcoming character in Ram Gopal Verma’s latest film is one of them as “It is not often that you get to play a character which is completely out of your realm of imagination. While doing the film I realised that media has a really tough job where you have to constantly make choices between conscience and commerce.”

The actor, who is an avid blogger, said that he connected to the character of a media person through his blog post as “Verma and I had long discussions about media and its impact and I realised that what I do as a blogger is somehow similar to what the media does.”

However, Bachchan was quick to add, “I am not a journalist. I am an actor who writes.”

Bachchan, who has earlier worked with Verma on the ‘Sholay’ remake ‘Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag’, ‘Sarkar’ and ‘Sarkar Raj’, was all praises for the director and said, “He is an intelligent and sensitive director, not just the way he fleshes out his characters but his vision reflects in the story, script and the treatment. ”

When enquired about his role and the preparation gone into it, Big B said he did not need to do much homework - “There has been no research involved. Thankfully, I have a director who knows what he is doing and I just followed his instructions. I have been interacting with the media for the past many decades as part of my profession as an actor and that experience helped me in my role.”

When asked, Verma whether Big B’s character in ‘Runn’ is based on a TV mogul, the director quashed rumours suggesting that the character of Bachchan is based on none other than Prannoy Roy. Verma reiterated that, “Some reports earlier quoted me as saying that Amit ji’s character is based on Prannoy Roy. Let me say this once and for all, Amitabh Bachchan’s character is not based on any living person, not Prannoy Roy, nor anyone else. It is fictional.”

Elucidating more about the flick, Bachchan said, “The film sees me as a journalist who is torn between the pull of commerce and his duty as a media person to bring out the truth.”

With rumours doing rounds that ‘Runn’s’ title track reinterpreting the national anthem, Verma said, “I have not tinkered with the anthem or treated it in a disrespectful manner. The song is just a medium to express the angst against the current situation in the country. Please do not try to create a controversy where there is none. In case a legal obstacle comes up, we will deal with it.”

Other than Bachchan, the film stars Rietesh Deshmukh, Paresh Raval, Gul Panag and South Indian actor Sudeep.