May 4|2009

Mumbai: Contrary to the belief that Salman doesn’t let go off things easily, the hunky actor seems to be taking no time in changing his muses. And some would agree that it is as good as changing clothes!

After helping starlets Katrina Kaif and Zarine Khan with his starry connections, the actor has now decided to hold the mantle for German supermodel Claudia Cielsa, who too has Bollywood dreams, it is believed. According to reports, Claudia is no short of becoming Salman’s latest muse, for the actor has already promised his ‘new interest’ a role in one of his forthcoming films (sounds familiar!).

Sources reveal that Salman met up with the dashing long legged beauty at the JW Marriott hotel recently and had even sent a car to pick her up. Claudia, who is a German model and actress of Polish descent, is apparently looking at a possibility of trying her hand at Bollywood.

Guess Claudia’s got her Bollywood sources giving her right information, as who better than Salman can provide a better platform here, what say Katrina?