May 3,2009

Mumbai: Among the reigning Bollywood babes, Kangana Ranaut is one such diligent actress who loves getting under the skin of her character literally!

Kangana, who is all set to play the role of 1970’s infamous don Haji Mastan’s moll and yesteryears actress Sona in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai,’ is putting her genuine efforts to make sure she gives a convincing onscreen performance.

In order to play her character with flamboyance, news has it that Kangana has been assiduously studying the legendary sirens of both Hollywood and Bollywood and has been consciously working on her looks. Talking about her inspiration, the petite actress quipped, “From Audrey Hepburn to Asha Parekh and from Sophia Loren to Sadhana, I’m trying to get the hang of their style. The character I play is glamorous and strongly influenced by western fashion, so I want a look that’s western but which also suits someone who’s very much here.”

When asked about one particular look she loves, Kangana said, “Audrey Hepburn’s! She was a classy dresser back then. I’d love to look like her.” In order to get this classic look, Kangana is experimenting with heavy makeup, scarves, narrow trousers and long eyelashes – that define that era. Kangana maintained, “Also bell-bottoms were big during the 70s, so I am studying the entire timeline of style. I want a look of that era which doesn’t look comical today!”

Expressing her newfound love for old world fashion, Kangana said, “The styles are more practical and fun in our times. High bouffants, bell bottoms are things I can’t imagine today without being laughed at.”

When asked whether such a trend should be revived, the petite actress added, “The shirts. The kinds worn back then were very feminine, practical, yet elegant. I’d love to bring them back.”