May 2 | 2009

Mumbai: With B-town abuzz regarding Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra’s clandestine affair, it seems that the growing proximity between the two love struck actors has not gone down well with Vidya Balan!

Post his tempestuous relationship and an equally unceremonious break-up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid has been struggling to bring his life back on track and has finally found a friend for life in Priyanka. With Priyanka and Shahid being neighbours, both are frequently spotted together and their growing propinquity has become a great concern for Vidya Balan.

News has it that actress Vidya Balan has recently purchased a new home in Shahid Kapur’s building and will be moving in soon. With Vidya’s control-freak act, Shahid’s neighborhood is rife with speculations over Shahid and Vidya’s relationship, who have been maintaining their relation as purely professional friendship. However, with Vidya’s buying a new pad in Shahid’s vicinity, it is clear that Vidya cannot stand Priyanka’s growing advances towards Shahid.

Whether it is Priyanka or Vidya, it seems Shahid’s love life is brimming!