May 1,2009

Mumbai: ‘Move on man’ is what Kareena has to say to her ex-flame! Shahid is still said to be moping over the unceremonious break-up with the lissome lass. It might have been two years since his dainty girlfriend Kareena ran in the arms of the other man, Saif but Shahid’s broken heart is far from mended. However, after maintaining a stoic silence over two years, the dashing couple ‘Saifeena’ has now hit out at Shahid for cashing on his ‘injured innocence’ image that is supposedly reflecting grossly on Bebo.

Ever since the couple broke up, Kareena has maintained a dignified silence and has poured extol over Shahid every time curious reporters have mentioned the Kapur lad. But now the sassy babe seems to have had enough.

Peeved by the constant mention and devilish portrayal of Kareena in matters concerning Shahid, the dishy duo Bebo and Saif have opened fire at the sympathy gaining actor.

Though, the actress was much too irked for long by the undying speculations related to her and Shahid, she kept mum assuming the rumours would die a natural death. But a recent report that accused Kareena of causing a rift between Shahid and Priyanka got the lady all worked up.

Speaking to a news daily, a seemingly infuriated Kareena said, “Why am I being dragged into all this? I don’t like my name to come up in connection with other people’s lives. I’ve moved on and I wish Shahid Kapur would also do so. Beyond that I don’t wish to say anything. Nothing can separate Saif and me. Certainly not these silly attempts to drag me back to a past I’ve left behind. Please leave us alone.”

And when his leading lady is seeing red, how can the ‘Chote Nawab’ sit back? Taking a dig at Shahid, the actor stated that ‘Kaminey’ was initially offered to him and it was only later that Shahid came in the picture. “Normally, I wouldn’t go by any conspiracy theory. But this does seem a little too much. Why are Kareena and I dragged into other people’s lives? If someone talks about ‘Kaminey’, then I’m forced to say the role was first offered to me. But do we have to resort to this silly game of one-upmanship? We’re all mature adults here and we should behave accordingly”, told Saif to a news daily.