May 1 , 2009

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan is in a sour mood these days! The reason being, the disorganised way in which his upcoming film ‘Teen Patti’ is shaping up. In his blog, the actor vented his anger stating that the film was going over budget. The Ben Kingsley starring project is close to the veteran actors’ heart and he was shocked to see the messy ways of the unprepared unit in the last shooting stint of the film, which was underway in London.

A source said to a news daily, ”Apparently, when the film first went on the sets the budget of the film was a mere 12 crores and now after shooting for over a year the film has crossed the budget of 20 crores. This is still only the principal shooting cost. The other costs and overheads are not even considered right now.”

“The higher the ambition the more careful these filmmakers should be especially when they are dealing with men who stand as examples of sincerity and dedication. Big B is perhaps unhappy with the prospects of his film going over budget as no star would like to be in such a situation where his film is finding it difficult to recover its huge making cost especially in the present times of recession,” added the source.

Big B has every reason to be unhappy!