April 30,2009

Mumbai: Among the current crop of Bollywood actors, Hrithik Roshan is one such hunk who has been long successful in staying away from regular controversies. Whether it may be celebrity link-ups or infamous Bollywood czars quarreling with fellow actors, it has been a constant effort of Hrithik to steer away from gossips while maintaining a blemish free image on both professional and personal fronts.

According to the latest B- town buzz, Hrithik who shares a wonderful relationship with director-father Rakesh Roshan is facing tough times. News has it that the father-son relationship is undergoing a great deal of strain and this is the very reason behind the talented actor for not returning to home despite he patching up with wife Sussane.

According to our source, “The father and son had a rift. It started with Hrithik’s closeness to Barbari Mori, following which Sussanne left the house. Roshan Sr loves his daughter-in-law and made it clear that he was on her side and that he’d have nothing to do with Hrithik if he didn’t come to his senses. The tension which was apparent on the sets soon percolated to the sets.”

Another close source said, “The cracks in the father-son relationship have been visible for quite some time now to everyone on the sets of ‘Kites’. They are having professional differences too. While Rakesh Roshan is known to be a good director, Hrithik seems to have his own take on the flick as he has ignored his dad’s counsel a few times. Things aren’t well between the film’s director Anurag Basu the producer Rakesh too. ‘Kites’ is being edited and everyone wants his own say. Rakesh sits on the edit, after which Basu comes in and makes his own edit. Meanwhile, Hrithik has been going to the edit studio with his inputs ensuring that they’re carried out. The actor is also cutting the film’s promos.”

Since a newspaper had reportedly stated Hrithik-Sussane’s split, Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan weren’t supposedly on talking terms with each other for long, but they recently spoke after months. However, with things still taking time to regain normalcy, Hrithik and Sussanne are living in a posh five-star hotel at Juhu, reason being their home treated for termites.

Hmm, is it termites or the sour relationship between father and son that is keeping Hrithik away from home?