April 24,2009

Mumbai: Once upon a time Shah Rukh, Karan Johar and Kajol were known to be best of friends. But now there seems to be a rift due to Kajol’s marital commitments. Ever since, the dusky actress got married to Ajay Devgan, she started keeping her distance from SRK because of hubby’s dislike for him. And, now she has had a tiff with Karan Johar on date issues while working in ‘My Name is Khan’.

A source close to the film revealed to a news daily, ”One big schedule of the film has already been wrapped up in the USA before SRK’s shoulder surgery. Now Karan is busy shooting some portions of the film in Mumbai’s Borivili area with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child star Tanay Chheda who plays SRK’s childhood part. After SRK comes back, from his IPL 2 commitments, from South Africa there is yet another schedule being planned for the US.”

“But Kajol it seems is not too keen on shooting out of India given that she has to leave her daughter Nysa back home now that she’s going to school. So, while the shooting in Mumbai in June coincided with Nysa’s school days, Kajol had no problems. But Karan also has to shoot some more sequences in New York, which Kajol is refusing to oblige with. She was informed that there would be only one schedule in the US, which she’d agreed to. But now since Karan wants to go back for whatever reasons, Kajol is adamant and just won’t,” added the source.

Another source said, ”Karan expects that his good friend understands his problem but Kajol wants him to shoot these portions in Mumbai itself on specially built sets. But Karan who believes in perfection just doesn’t want to compromise on such things.”

Surely, Kajol is being mean to friends. Not only marital, there is something called professional commitments als.