April 23,2009

Mumbai: Trust Akshay Kumar to do the unexpected! Earlier, the action superstar stumped everyone by getting unzipped by wife Twinkle Khanna at Lakme Fashion Week (However, it’s another thing that the act backfired). And this time, he performed a breathtaking high-voltage stunt by leaping from a five storied building minus cables and landing on corrugated boxes with ease.

This adrenalin rushing sequence is his introductory scene in Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kambakkth Ishq’. According to sources, he plays a stuntman in the film and is performing a stunt for actor Brandon Routh (of Superman Returns fame).

Director Sabbir Khan said that the high-end action scene was coordinated by action director Spiros Razzatos, “The scene has Akshay smashing through a window of glass and falling through the fifth floor. He’s the body double for Brandon.”

Talking about the scene, Sabbir said, “We rehearsed the scene with cables and wires but when it came for the final take, Akshay decided at the last minute, that he wanted to do the scene without them. He felt that way, it would look more realistic. Akshay rehearsed a few times, then went up and did in one take.”

“He had to do it in one take as we have Brandon immediately standing at the same place in the same frame. I was very apprehensive there were no cables to help Akshay if things went wrong. I was very stressed. Of course, it’s compulsory to have a doctor, first aid and a huge medical set-up on the sets… I guess Akshay wanted to prove that he’s the original action star and he did that on that day. He’s fearless,” revealed Sabbir.

Talking about the experience, Akshay said, “A man that hosts a show called Fear Factor isn’t exactly allowed to be scared. I jump… I tumble, I fall and I dare to do the impossible. Am I scared? YES! But I live to feel fear. I’ve faced death too much in my life to be worried about anything or anyone anymore; that’s why I enjoy life so much. I fight fear, I don’t live with it.”

Well said Mr Akki, thankfully this act of yours did not backfire!