April 22,2009

MUMBAI: How will fans react when a superstar makes his mobile number public? Obviously, they will spin into a dialing frenzy!

Something similar happened recently, when UAE telecommunication provider du released an advertisement that listed Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s mobile number alongside endorsement of a product brand.

Three other celebrities from the Arab world are also endorsing the campaign.

More than 8,000 calls with over 1,000 personal voice messages were recorded for the four celebrities, including Khan, du said in a statement.
However, it was not clear whether the campaign including all the four celebrities ran on the same day. “The number of calls almost went up 200 per cent on the second day itself,” said du.

While several fans and movie buffs expressed disbelief and questioned the validity of the number, du said the number was genuine and not a marketing gimmick.

For those who dialed the number, a taped message in Khan’s voice greeted them in Hindi. “Hi this is Shah Rukh Khan. I cannot take your call right now. Please leave your message and love.”

Three other celebrities from the Arab entertainment world, the creator of the animated housewives series Freej, Mohammed Saeed Hareb, leading jewelery designer Azza Al Qubaisi and famous Lebanese TV presenter George Kurdahi, are also part of the ad campaign.