April 22,2009

Mumbai: The chocolaty Ranbir Kapoor is no mood to let the gossip mongers take a toll on his relationship with girlfriend Deepika Padukone. In a recent interview to a news daily, the Kapoor scion has clarified there is no love lost between him and his girl.

Ranbir, when questioned about speculations surrounding his supposed tiffs with Deepika over his growing proximities with co-star Katrina Kaif, rubbished the news saying that he and Deepika are going smooth and strong in their relationship.

He said, “It bothers me when my personal life is being spoken about but I tell you that these are all rumours. My family and Deepika know what the truth is and there is nothing to clarify to anyone. Deepika and I are with each other. With her, the relationship is so effortless that it is really great to have her in my life.”

“But I would like to add that for me, my career and family top the priority list. I want to be remembered as an actor and not because I was somebody’s boyfriend or had affairs with some beautiful women”, he further said.