April 20,2009

Mumbai: Going sober by giving up his love for poison (alcohol) seems to done wonders for Salman Khan. After leaving many gob smacked with his lean mean look by shedding his pot belly, the actor’s resolve to give up his addiction for booze has now made him eligible to endorse a mint breath freshener minting him a throbbing sum of Rs 4 crore.

The actor, who has walked the ramp an umpteen number of times flaunting his sculpted macho physique, has been a hit with several endorsement brands ranging from clothesline, shoe wear to even soft drink companies. However, famous for his infamous love for booze, Sallu did not fit the bill to endorse freshener breath ads.

But thanks to his determination and will power, the actor who now breathes sober has changed the scenario, courtesy his booze free clean breath.

According to sources, the actor has bagged a whooping Rs 4 crore deal with a mint breath freshener company. To be directed by the talented Prasoon Joshi, the ad will hit telly screens shortly.

Confirming the news Prasoon said, “We haven’t completed shooting for the ad. We have shot one part of it. Salman is the first big star to be signed up for the breath freshener”.

Well while other actors are stripping down to their bare essentials to bag the big zeroes, Sallu is simply breathing clean to walk away with lugs of moolah!