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Thread: Priyanka Chopra Has No Future

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    Default Priyanka Chopra Has No Future

    Jan 16|2010

    With back-to-back blockbusters hits like fashion, Dostana and then ‘Kaminey’ last year, Priyanka was definitely marching towards the top slot. And if her ‘What’s Your Raashee?’ would had worked, she would have certainly come closer to being number one. But the actress refuses to get drawn into the number games. Priyanka was available to speak on the issue and said that when a pair of her film get succeed at the box-office, then people automatically start buzzing that yes, she is on the number one spot. But one flop later and the same person would end up saying, ‘arrey, yeh spot to thods hil gaya’. Priyanka shares her worst skill that some people even went a step ahead saying that she is gone and there is no future left for her in the industry. However, unnecessary to say that Priyanka is definitely an established actress in the industry and one hopes that such comment hardly bothers her. Till date, the Aitraaz girl has surely proved her acting talent and is capable to change such views by delivering another hit.
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