Jan 16|2010

Even as the reports of repeated assaults and racial abuse of Indians in Australia keep pouring in, our music wizard A R Rahman is set to perform live in the Sydney concert at Parramatta Park on January 16.

The concert will not just entertain a strong crowd of 70,000 people but is also aimed at promoting tolerance and peace between the Aussies and Indians Down Under.

And now, former Oz batsman, the swashbuckling Matthew Hayden has also become a part of the concert. He will co-host the mega event that will have the Oscar-winning composer from Chennai performing with 40 Indian musicians and a host of Bollywood dancers.

In a statement issued by the Australian Embassy in Delhi, Hayden said: ďI am honoured and thrilled to be a part of AR Rahmanís unique outdoor extravaganza and the Sydney Festival. Rahman was born in Chennai, a city that I have come to love and a part of India that is very special to me for many reasons. I am excited that many Australians will be able to enjoy what millions of people around the world have come to love and appreciate, the incredible Mozart of Madras and the amazing Indian musicians and Bollywood dancers.Ē

The soft-spoken Rahman, meanwhile, has urged the media to be cautious and sensitive while reporting the alleged assault on Indians in Australia. He has also urged the people of both nationalities to show tolerance and restraint.

The concert, tonight, is expected to be a big hit and will be telecast live across 44 countries. Itís already been seen as some sort of peace concert.