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Thread: 'I'm not very happy with BJP's win''I'm not very happy with BJP's win'

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    Contestants, campaigners and industry watchers react to the NDA's historic win and share their expectations.

    Bappi Lahiri (Singer, composer and losing BJP candidate from Serampore)

    This is a historic win for the party. Today, the only name in the country is Narendra Modi who campaigned for me. I didn't win but I saw that coming. BJP swept Bihar and UP but in West Bengal it won just two seats and I don't have to spell out the reason. But the love I got from the people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    I may not have been elected to the Lok Sabha but nor was Arun Jaitley or Smiriti Irani, but we are still BJP heavyweights and will work for the party. I've ordered a gold lotus which I will wear on a chain around my neck. I had composed a song for the party, 'Atalji ko pranam, Modiji ko pranam, Rajnathji ke sapne honge sakaar, Modiji karenge Bharat mein chamatkar'. The words are ringing true today. Wah!

    Babul Supriyo (Singer and winning BJP candidate from Asansol)

    I believe that if you are patient your dreams will come true. I really wanted to win for India, for the BJP and for myself. I faced many challenges during the past few months while campaigning in Asansol. But with Narendra Modi at the helm, you are inspired to take up challenges.

    I will continue singing and working for the people. I will go to Delhi for the swearing-in ceremony with my daughter. I could not bring her to Asansol for counting due to post-poll violence but I will take her to Delhi. She is wearing saffron nailpolish today. My parents are with me in Bengal. I dedicate my victory to Asansol.

    Shatrughan Sinha (Actor and winning BJP candidate from Patna)

    I have won by a massive margin; it's a victory for those who want development, growth and progress. And they will get it because Narendra Modi is an action hero. We now have a dashing, dynamic leader.

    The minorities have unfortunately not supported BJP but I pray that good sense prevails. I must thank my wife Poonam who stood by me throughout.

    Sonakshi Sinha (Actress and daughter of Shatrughan Sinha)

    My mother (Poonam Sinha) is over the moon because she and my brothers (Luv and Kush) campaigned for my father (Shatrughan Sinha). I didn't but I am as thrilled. I am shooting in Mumbai, while they are celebrating in Patna. My dad got into politics because he was influenced by Jayaprakash Narayan and he has been with the party through thick and thin. He's a man of principles and there was no question of switching sides.

    Hema Malini (actress, filmmaker and winning BJP candidate from Mathura)

    Dharamji (Dharmendra) forbade me from contesting. But once he understood my reasons, he was totally into it. My daughters Esha and Ahana and sons-inlaws Bharat and Vaibhav joined me in Mathura and connected with the people. Many friends warned me that winning would be a difficult task. Today, I demand to know what they meant by 'difficult'. Dharamji has been calling me every hour from Mumbai, we are all very happy.

    Mahesh Bhatt (Filmmaker)

    It is clear that the people of India were infuriated with the performance of the UPA. It's a catastrophe for the UPA and it will take a lot for them to reemerge from this disastrous defeat.

    Anupam Kher (Actor and husband of Kirron Kher, the winning BJP candidate from Chandigarh)

    I am elated, not only because my wife (Kirron Kher) has won but also because of Narendra Modi's victory. There is so much optimism in the country today which has not been there for years. People have voted not for caste and religion but for the country's betterment.

    Modi has a great model of development which he will implement. Modi always said, "Achhe din aane wale hai." Well, achche din aa gaye.

    Suniel Shetty (Actor and campaigner)

    I'm happy for BJP's thumping victory but also disappointed that we do not have a strong Opposition. Still, I'm very bullish about this government as most of the corrupt ministers from the previous one have been dumped in their own backyard. But a warning: When there's an overwhelming support, the king stands to risk losing sight of his vision. I hope that doesn't happen.

    As far as the Muslims of the country are concerned, they have no reason to worry. Narendra Modi will embrace them with open arms.

    Shabana Azmi (Actress-activist)

    BJP's win was expected but their performance pan India and particularly in Uttar Pradesh is substantial. India has voted for change and given a decisive victory to Narendra Modi and BJP. I hope the government lives up to the expectations of the people. It's very heartening that so many people from our film industry have won and I congratulate every one of my colleagues. We hope that our issues will be given the focus they deserve. I also expect the new MPs to speak on important issues such as education and health.

    Vidya Balan (Actress)

    The mandate of the nation is unanimously in favour of change. The hope is that our new PM will steer the future of the nation towards progress that is transparent, inclusive and holistic; and this is achieved in a manner that upholds the basic tenets of democracy even as it ensures peace, security, equal rights and opportunities for all. Positivity and prayers for the new PM, new government and for all of us as a country!

    Raima Sen (Actress and daughter of winning TMC candidate from Bankura, Moon Moon Sen)

    I've been glued to the TV set from 6am and I am really excited that my mother (Moon Moon Sen, actress and TMC candidate from Bankura) has won. She will return to Kolkata tomorrow and then we will celebrate.

    Sanjay Gupta (Filmmaker)

    Narendra Modi's win was inevitable. And after this historic victory he won't be pressurised into meeting the demands of his allies. There won't be any factions and random divisions. As for the film industry, Modi has always been more supportive than others. He has a vision for every industry's growth, and that includes us.

    Vivek Oberoi (Actor who campaigned for BJP)

    Narendra Modi's victory didn't really come as a surprise for me. For the last one week I've been travelling across the country and got views from the grassroots. People have been living in pathetic conditions and Modi offered them a ray of hopeand a reason to dream again-they know he can deliver.

    David Dhawan (Filmmaker)

    I have been closely following the election from the beginning. Narendra Modi's triumph is unprecedented and so is the Congress wipeout. If there is a wave nobody can really challenge it. Just like debutants in Bollywood come with a lot of promise, the same stands true for politics. I am very happy that a lot of film personalities have fought and will now be sitting in the Parliament. It puts our own people at decision-making levels.

    Ashoke Pandit (Filmmaker and President of Indian Films and Directors Association)

    India will now grow and so will the film industry since it is not independent of the nation. For the last one year or so, the filmmakers' bodies have been meeting Narendra Modi once or twice a month to discuss industry-related issues. So far, Bollywood has been treated like Draupadi from Mahabharat. We were disrobed by every government. The tax burden has increased without any monetary support from the government. Not anymore. Modi is pro-film industry which is evident from the studios that have come up in Gujarat.

    Hansal Mehta (Writer-director)

    I'm not very happy with BJP's win but I respect the mandate of all those Indians who have chosen the party.

    Now, the onus is on Narendra Modi and his government to not only work towards the interests of those Indians who have elected him but also those who haven't. I know I could not have made a film like Shahid in a non-secular government's regime.

    It's not that I'll now be scared to make a film that I believe in, I just hope the government in power doesn't curb the filmmakers' right to freedom of thought and expression.
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