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Thread: Katrina Kaif And Salman Khan– A Tale oF turbulent love!

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    Default Katrina Kaif And Salman Khan– A Tale oF turbulent love!

    APRIL 19,2009

    She is beautiful and delicate like the petal of a fragrant rose and he is anything but gentle. Opposites attract. May be that’s the magnetism that brought Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan together and has kept them so till today. Just a brief character sketch of the two stars reveals how different they are.

    Admitted that the media sometimes goes overboard in painting Salman as the bad brat of Bollywood, but it can’t be denied that Salman is a man who likes to live rough and tough. His mood swings and erratic behaviour have often been fodder for his detractors; not to forget his drinking binges that seem to have stopped only recently since the last few months. On the other hand, Katrina is not only 19 years younger to Salman, she is entirely a different personality. Folks who know the actress say she is gentle, soft-spoken and very sensitive to another person’s emotions. Kat herself admitted a few days back that she is “a hopeless romantic”.

    Given these contrasting traits, it’s no wonder that Sal-Kat affair has been a turbulent one from the start. Every next week, tabloids are splashed with stories of spat between the couple. One day he allegedly ‘slaps’ Katrina publicly; another day he spoils her birthday party by picking up fight with another Khan.

    Many times, obituaries of their romance have been penned by eager gossipmongers, but the couple has stuck together so far through the thick and thin of it all, proving time and again that there’s something that binds them stronger than anyone imagines. And even as you read this, there’s another rumour of the couple’s split spreading faster than wildfire in B-Town. This time, it’s being said that Salman is “unhappy” about Katrina’s growing closeness to Ranbir Kapoor , her co-star in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani . Rumour says Sallu and Kat had a verbal fight over this issue a few days ago and have decided to split.

    The facts on the ground, however, suggest otherwise. Hardly a fortnight ago, Katrina was seen flaunting the T-shirt of Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’ foundation when she mingled with slum kids. And friends of the couple are quoted as saying that there is no love lost between them. And even if the couple did fight, as the rumours claim, that doesn’t mean they have split. Almost everyone reading this story must have had similar squabbles with his or her partner. Anyway, it’s better to have a little turbulence in a relationship than have a plain and staid affair. So, without being judgmental, our simple suggestion to the gossipmongers is the same as what Salman and Katrina would have for them – “JUST CHILL”.

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    nice info. thnx 4 sharing

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