Ranveer Singh created waves with his latest endorsement of a condom brand. Ranveer is Bollywood's boldest youth icon and is using his image to promote safe sex amongst the youth.

"I believe intimacy is never just physical, but emotional too. I'd like very much for the youth of the nation to talk more openly about safe sex by normalizing the conversation," said Ranveer. The brand's campaign moves on the lines that 'great sex moves you'.

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, with a team of choreographers has developed a dance move called the 'REX' - a physical expression of joy and ecstasy experienced after a wonderful sexual experience. However this is not all, as Ranveer Singh has pushed the envelope, he has written and rapped the lyrics of the track as well.

Elaborating about the specially conceived dance, Ranveer Singh said, "The Rex is a dance move that signifies the celebration of great sex! When you have had great sex and you want to celebrate the divine experience that has moved you, then you Do the Rex."