Jan 12/10

According to the latest buzz, Salman Khan is a bit disappointed with the way his film Veer has shaped up. Now, this comes as a real shock because ‘Veer’ is very close to Sallu’s heart.

So what went wrong? Actually reports convey that when Salman watched the rough print of the film, he felt that it’s a lengthy film and needs to be edited a bit. Plus, he was also not very happy to see the colour gradient in some of the scenes. Thus it was an urgent call for both director Anil Sharma and producer Vijay Galani. But surprisingly both didn’t agree on Salman’s points.

Baffled, Sallu, who has also written the script of the film, then had a rather heated discussion with the producer, director. As he has already mentioned once that Anil Sharma is the director from 1980s, it’s evident that they had creative differences.

Producer Vijay Galani confirmed this and tells a daily, “Those were creative discussions. A certain portion of the film was shown to Salman and we had a discussion…regarding the colour gradient. It is Salman’s film and he will naturally give inputs. There was no verbal spat.”

‘Veer’ is set for 22nd January release.