Jan 12/10

One of the important things about cracking a joke is to know when to end it. Shahrukh Khan, who doubtlessly has a superb sense of humour, however, unwittingly stretched a joke too far for some people’s comfort at the Star Screen award show recently.

Stepping on stage to host a segment of the show, SRK pulled the anchor Shahid Kapoor’s leg over his alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra - about how the couple has got the media in a tizzy over their off-and-on relationship.

Seated among the audiences was Harman Baweja, Priyanka’s ex beau who had tough time dealing with the break off when PC got involved with Shahid.

Though SRK’s joke was scripted, it certainly didn’t please Harman. According to reports, as soon as SRK’s segment was over, Harman and his sister Rowena left the show.

Shahid, too, didn’t respond much to SRK’s gag. However, the audience definitely seemed to be enjoying it.