APRIL 12,2009

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan is not a happy man these days. The hunky actor is annoyed with various rumours about his marriage breaking down.

According to Hrithik, some people in the industry cant digest his success and are waiting to pull him down.

In an interview to a news daily, Hrithik exclaimed, I have been keeping quiet, thinking that there is no point in reacting to such rubbish. I am the kind who believes in continuing to do my work and not react to things. But now it has reached an extent that is highly unacceptable. I am the only actor of my age to get the kind of success that I have got, so I know that some people want to see me fall. They have tried everything possible, but are still failing to do that because I keep rising higher and higher. They are using any and every tactic to try and make me look bad.

After this outburst, Hrithik says he will not talk about the issue again. I have finally spoken what I have been feeling about for a while now. After this, I will go back to my work and my life and I would like to request people to leave us alone.