APRIL 12,2009

Mumbai: The ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh, who is known for his massive success on both silver screen and the idiot box, is all set to recreate the ‘Fauji’ magic. Yes, if all goes well, history is going to repeat itself.

‘Fauji’, the TV show which paved way for Shah Rukh’s glorious road to stardom is all set to hit the TV screens again. SRK is reportedly all geared up to make a sequel for the same.

SRK, who has recently ventured into the small screen with his production house, is keen on revisiting the past and that’s one of the reasons why he is making shows which can remind people of the bygone era of pure entertainment. His ‘Ghar Ki Baat Hai’ is also on the lines of old classic ‘Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi’.

Insiders suggest that since ‘Fauji’ was instrumental in SRK’s career and popularity, he’s very sure that it will generate additional curiosity when people will come to know that he’s producing it. In all probability, Shah Rukh won’t be playing the lead role as he’s keeping real busy, hence the lead actor is yet to be decided because the show is at the planning stage.