APRIL 12,2009

Sabrina Lall, the sister of murdered Delhi-based model Jessica Lall, is “happy that a film is being made on Jess’ life”. The film is being made
by Rajkumar Gupta, the director of Aamir, and is titled No One Killed Jessica.

“I know that the film is more about the aftermath of Jess’ death (she was killed by Manu Sharma and Vikas Yadav, both sons of politicians). It’s about the legal tussle that followed,” she says. That means that a major part of the film would be based on her – would she like to be a part of the film? “The only way I’d like to be a part of the film is by reading the script and seeing that things are portrayed correctly,” she says. Not acting her part in the film? “No, no! I can’t act. Goodness gracious! I’d just like to know how the film is being made,” she laughs.

Rajkumar has been in touch with Sabrina since last year. “Yes, I met them (Rajkumar and Anubhuti, the makers) last year. And the fact that they’re not the regular Bollywood commercial people is comforting. I’m not worried about the way the film’s going to be handled because I’m quite sure that these guys are going to do a good job,” says Sabrina.

And who does she think should play her character in the film? “Rajkumar had approached Kareena Kapoor to play me in the film. I don’t know who’s going to play Jess. Honestly, I don’t know who should act or not in the film. I’m only concerned about the concept and the context of the film being right,” she says.
The title of the film, No One Killed Jessica, is from a TOI headline published in February 2006. “Yes, that headline did have a huge impact on people. It created a wave and affected these guys – that’s how the movie came about. Thanks!” she says.

Sabrina is also in sync with TOI’s Lead India campaign, which is aimed at getting people to vote. “Everybody I come across, I let them know that they should vote. That’d ensure that people like Manu Sharma’s dad don’t come into power and can’t get away with things that they got away with earlier. There shouldn’t be more tragedies which can go unaccounted for, with people too scared to speak out against them,” she says emphatically.