Video Update : 18 July 2012 Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum Video

Episode starts with a phone call. Sanyukta's friend Jigna calls her. Sanyukta invites Jigna and her family to the engagement of Aniket. While talking Sanyukta spots an earring lying on the floor. Outside the house Aniket, Binoy, Sushila and Shaswat all are chatting. Sushila tells Shaswat that his would-be sister-in-law is very beautiful. Shaswat tells that he could not spot her properly. Sushila tells him not to worry as he will meet her on the day of the engagement.Sanyukta comes out of the house with the earring in hand and calls Aniket. She whispers something in Aniket's ears. Shaswat looks at them.

Here Tejal and her family goes to the Ganesh temple to pray. Lalita ben tells Tejal is that the pooja is for her well-being and so she should pay her respects to God. Pooja starts. Tejal spots Aniket standing in the crowd of the temple. She is happy yet surprised. She comes out of the crowd and asks Aniket why he came here. Aniket shows her an earring in his palm. Tejal realizes that her right earring is missing. She asks if he came here only to return her earring . Aniket tells her that the earring was a mere excuse to meet her and also his brother had not met her. So he also came to meet her.

Tejal wants the earring back from him, But Aniket takes advantage of his height and plays with her. Lastly he puts the earring on her earlobe on his own. Meanwhile Shaswat is caught by the traffic police. The police charges him fine for parking the car mid-road. Shaswat tries to make him understand that he came to meet his sister-in -law. But the police is determined. So Shaswat calls Aniket and tells him to come fast as he is being charged for parking at the wrong place.

Aniket seeks sorry to Shaswat and tells he is coming soon. He tells Tejal about Shaswat's condition. Tejal gets excited that Shaswat is being charged fine and she also prepares to leave with Aniket. As they wear their shoes, Vaibhavi calls Tejal. She comes and teases Anijal. She tells Aniket to bear a bit longer. After that Tejal will be all his. Aniket blushes and leaves.

Shaswat shouts at Aniket when he came back and tells he only came to meet Tejal and so many things happened. Who knows what will happen when he really meets Tejal. Aniket calms him and drives the car.

They come back to MM. Sanyukta is very busy and tells them to get some work done. As she is about to turn, Aniket stops her. She faces Aniket. He suddenly becomes very emotional and hugs her. He tells her " THANK YOU MAA". She blesses him.

At Tejal's house, Tejal is walking in the lawn and talking to herself. She stares at the sky and tells she is missing her mother the most today. She keeps talking to her mother. Tells how her mom would have been happy if she was present today. She would have done all the preparations for marriage. Tejal tells God not to snatch away anybody's parents before their marriage. She is very emotional and is in tears.

Nikhilesh and Binoy comes home with some shopping done. Nikhilesh shows Sanyukta that he bought the engagement ring and Saree for Tejal. Sanyukta says that rings should never be bought without measurements. And also they are planning to gift a chaniya-choli to Tejal not a saree. She says that these shopping stuff are the department of women. So leave it to them. She also says that they have to go to meet Lalitaben and Gulabchand today.

So Sanyukta and Sushila starts to leave when Sushila spots Shaswat sitting at his room. She goes and asks him if he met his sister-in-law. He tells he could not meet. Sushila tells him that she has a photo of Tejal saved in her mobile. She finds out the photo and shows to Shaswat. But the battery goes off right then. So Shaswat could not see.

As they were getting late, Sanyukta insists Sushila to leave and tells her to show the photo later to Shaswat. They both leave.

Tejal's home. Sanyukta and Sushila rings the bell. Tejal opens the door and is surprised to see them. She calls her faibaa. Then she asks Sanyukta if she could call her "Maa". Sanyukta says her that Tejal can call her anything she likes but if she calls her "maa", she'll be very happy. Tejal takes her blessings. She asks Sushila if she could call her "Bhabhi-maa". Sushila becomes very happy and is almost in tears. Lalitaben and Gulabchand comes. They all sit down. Sanyukta asks Lalitaben why she wanted to meet them. Lalitaben and Gulabchand looks at each other. Their faces are a bit agonized. Episode freezes.

Precap: Sanyukta and Sushila are arguing over some isssue in their own room. Its night time. Shaswat comes there and tells that the engagement cannot take place. All keeps staring at him