Video Update : 17 July 2012 Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum Video

Episode starts with Gulabchand and his sister talking about Gulab's vandalized shop. Gulab is very worried but his sister pacifies him. Tejal enters the room and sits at the dining table. And opens a book and pretends to read. Gulab suspects Tejal has done something wrong and questions her. But Tejal denies and tells she went for a walk in the park.

In MM, Sanyukta gives medicine to Shaswat and tells him to sleep. But he says till that girl is traced and punished, he cannot sleep peacefully. Sanyukta advices him to check his office CCTV footage and help trace the girl. Shaswat becomes cheerful with the idea and sleep.

Faibaa tries to train Tejal to prepare tea for 3 people. But Tejal says she knows how to prepare tea. Faibaa taunts her that if she really knew how to make tea why she mixed hing in Aniket's tea. Tejal says it happens sometimes. Faibaa says she is about to go to a very big family. So she should know all the etiquette. They hug. At the same time, Aniket calls Tejal. Faibaa permits her to talk to Aniket.

Aniket tells Tejal he just returned from hospital because his brother is badly injured. Tejal says she was also worried about her father's broken shop. Some Ahmedabadi newspaper has printed false news about her father's shop. So her father is very worried. Aniket asks her which newspaper has published such rubbish news. As Tejal is about to tell Aniket, his mother calls him. So they bid each other good-bye and cuts the call.

Next day morning at MM, Sushila is busy drawing a beautiful Rangoli at the entrance of the house. Sanyukta Nikhilesh comes and praises Sushila for the beautiful Rangoli. Sushila says she prepared it all because she is very excited about Tejal's arrival at their home. Foram, Aniket, Binoy all gathers there. Just then Tejal and her family arrives there.

Tejal is a bit worried and get flashbacks of her first meet with Sanyukta that how she criticized the small cascade in the entrance and the way she sat on the deities. Sanyukta notices her closely and signals her to come closer. Tejal comes and touches her and Nikhilesh's feet. Just then Tejal notices Aniket's grandma standing inside. She runs inside to take her blessings. Faibaa tries to control Tejal's over excited hyper activities.

In the police station Shaswat tries to tell the police officer how that unknown girl injured him badly. The officer tells him that he already told his story a number of times. If he has any evidence against that girl. Shaswat's office employees comes with the CCTV camera footage. Shaswat identifies Tejal from the camera footage. The police officer tells the other officer to take a print of the girl's photo and circulate among all the police stations.

In MM, Sanyukta talks with Tejal's faibaa. She tells Tejal and Aniket has become really good friends within a short span. So they wanted to promote their relationship in the next level. All becomes very happy. Faibaa tells Sanyukta that Tejal is not perfect in everything but she is trying to train her. Tejal is learning how to make food and how to take care of family members. Sanyukta tells that she can understand such situations because she is also training Foram and is in the same boat as her.

They plan for Anijal's engagement in two days. All agree to the proposal. Tejal's family prepares to leave as they have to make arrangements for the engagement ceremony. Binoy hands over a small envelope to Sanyukta and tells her to bless Tejal. Anijal prostrate to take blesings from the elders.

Just then Shaswat calls up Sanyukta and tells the girl's activities has been reported to the police and very soon she will be behind the bars. Sanyukta tells Shaswat to come fast to home as Aniket's engagement is fixed. If he comes fast, he can meet Tejal. Shaswat says he is coming.

Tejal's family is all set to leave. Sanyukta tells them to stay a bit longer as they can meet her youngest son. But Gulabchand says they will meet him on the day of engagement as they had to leave urgently because a lot needed to be done for the big day.

They enter the car. Shaswat's car arrive there right at that moment. He gets out of the car and tries to spot the Tejal sitting inside her car but Sushila talking with Tejal interrupts his vision.
Episode ends on Shaswat's inquisitive face.

Precap: All are at the temple (maybe.. Coz the place is decorated). Aniket tells Tejal someone has beaten his brother black and blue. Tejal gets excited hearing and tells she will look who beat his brother. Anijal talking with each other when Shaswat spots Tejal