Video Update : 12 July 2012 Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum Video

Episode starts with Aniket entering through the MM entrance door. Sushila, Binoy and Foram are present in the hall. Sushila is super angry. She asks Aniket why he didn't attend his mom-dad's party. Was breaking someone's engagement more important to him then attending his parents celebrations! She tells him to go and apologize to Sanyukta and Nikhilesh. Aniket listens to Sushila with a gloomy face and starts moving away without answering Sushila. Sushila wonders what happened to Aniket. Foram is fumed up. She charges Aniket how dare he move out of the place without bothering to answer Sushila bhabhi. Aniket says her that he is answerable to the person he hurt most. So he is going to give all his answers to his parents.

In room, Sanyukta is fuming. She tells Nikhilesh that Aniket has disappointed her once more. And why should she be the one every time to understand and forgive his mistakes. At that moment she spots Aniket standing at the door. Both the parents look upto him with question in their eyes. Aniket enters the room slowly and tells he is sorry for everything. Whatever happened today was not intended but induced. The parents are confused. Aniket then explains them about Tejal and his plans and how all the mishap happened. Sanyukta and Nikhilesh are satisfied with his explanation and tells him to go. After Aniket moves out of the room they discuss among themselves how Aniket's outlook has changed. But Sanyukta is still disturbed about Aniket's obsession with Tejal.

In hospital, all are surrounding Tejal's bed. Gulabchand is crying. Tejal makes prank of him and tries to lighten the situation. She is very happy that finally Vaibhavi and Nachiket's love story is going to get a happy ending. Tongue She tells Gulabchand to go at home and take rest. Gulabchand denies. But his sister forces him to go to home with Vaibhavi as she will stay in the hospital to take care of Tejal. All moves out.

Its late night. Both Anijal are not able to sleep. Tejal keeps on twisting and turning on bed. Aniket keeps staring at the ceiling. Then he decides to call up Tejal. When Tejal sees Aniket's number flashing on her mobile, she becomes very happy. They both talk. Aniket asks her why she is not sleeping. She tells that she was waiting for his call. Embarrassed Aniket tells he thought the doctors gave sleeping pills to her. She tells that the doctors gave her sleeping pills but even those are not able to make her sleep peacefully. Now only "teekhi paanipuri" can make her sleep. She feels like having Paanipuri right now. Aniket cuts the call immediately. Tejal wonders what happened to him. Confused

Aniket thinks about Tejal. He wonders where will he get Paanipuri at that late night. Then only he spots Sushila. She was getting ready to sleep. He calls Sushila. Tells her that he is very hungry right now. And he feels like having Paanipuri. Sushila tells that she'll arrange for it right then. So she goes to the kitchen and boils groundnuts and gram. After preparing paanipuri as she is about to go upstairs, Aniket comes downstairs. He tells her that he'll eat it there only. She dont have to worry about it. Sushila goes to her room. Meanwhile Aniket packs the paanipuri contents in a food basket and sneaks out of the house. Binoy sees him moving out of the house from the upper balcony. While moving out, Aniket passes Shaswat's room. Shaswat also notices him moving out.

Aniket starts running towards the hospital with the food basket. He calls up Tejal again. Tejal asks him why she feels like he is out of breath while talking. He answers because he is running on a treadmill. She laughs and tells him to get down from the treadmill and sleep. As she finishes the sentence, Aniket enters her ward. Embarrassed She is flabbergasted. He smiles. Tells her that he brought Paanipuri for her. Tejal is overjoyed. He arranges everything on her bed and serves her the paanipuri. She craves for the chilli flavored water but he denies. He tells her to eat only with the sweet water. She tells :" Okay. For you I'll only eat with sweet water. Because I know u'll bring only sweetness in my life" Clap Anijal stares and a romantic eyelock happens.

Suddenly Tejal's aunt (who was sleeping on the sofa) turns around in sleep. Both Anijal becomes worried. They cover up the paanipuri arrangement with the bedsheet. Aniket hides behind Tejal's bed. Auntie gets up, drinks water and sleeps again. Aniket comes out of his hiding place and they both sit again to enjoy the snacks. Tejal starts filling Chilli water in a puri. Aniket forbids her. But she tells its not for her but for him. She then feeds Aniket. (Romantic Back ground music). Both feed each other. Heart After finishing Aniket tells Tejal to sleep peacefully now. She is pleased and looks at him lovingly. Aniket moves out. As he is about to move out of the hospital, he spots Binoy bhai.Shocked Binoy is standing at the hospital entrance. Aniket is taken aback. Binoy asks him in a stern voice if he is going to get back to home in car or he is planning to run back again..

Episode ends on Aniket's befuddled face.

Precap: Sanyukta shouting at Aniket. She tells a bad company always drags you down. So from now onwards Aniket will never meet Tejal again. Aniket perplexed