Video Update :10 July 2012 Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum Video

Episode starts with Nachiket's home scene. Nachiket's mom is very angry. She continuously threatens Nachiket that she will drink the poisoned juice if they dont do the engagement.
She then goes upstairs. Nachiket and his father runs behind her. His father tells him to go downstairs. He'll take care of everything. Nachiket goes out of the room. The parents are bewildered. Nachiket's mom takes out a bottle of poison and tells she was faking till now but now she will definitely mix the poison with the juice. She then mixes the poison in a blue juice glass. Her husband tells her that if she wants to do drama then why mix poison in her own juice? Saying this he handles her a yellow juice glass and tells her to threaten Nachiket now.

They come down and starts threatening again. Nachiket is all frustrated. Tejal runs out of patience. She walks upto Nachiket's mom, tells her not to do all fake drama, snatches the glass from her and drinks the contents. All stares at her. But nothing happens. Nachiket's mom tells that she is not faking and really mixed poison in the blue glass. Tejal laughs at her and takes the blue glass in hand. Nachiket's parents shout and panic. They tells her not to drink. But Tejal drinks the juice.

Here at Mazumdar mansion all are happy and enjoying the party. Sushila's mom Mridula tells everyone to get ready with the costumes. But Sanyukta tells that costume party plans has been cancelled. She looks at sushila. Sushila tells Sanyukta that she forgot to tell her parents about the cancellation of the costume party. Suddenly Sushila's father Babubhai enters with a bang.

He is dressed up as 10 headed Raavan. All looks at him amused. He enters and starts delivering dialogues as Raavan. But Sushila tells him that costume party is cancelled and she forgot to mention it before. Babubhai becomes embarrassed that he is the only one with costume in the party. While talking he hits Nikhilesh with his extra heads 3 times.LOL Nikhilesh tells him that he has a kurta of Babubhai's size and he'll give it to him but with one condition that Babubhai will never fold his hands before Nikhilesh. Everybody smiles.

Somebody calls Sanyukta from the door. Enters Menka and her daughter Anushka. They come and get introduced with Sushila. Anushka asks for Aniket. Sanyukta tells her that he maybe in his room and sends Sushila to look for him.

At Nachiket's house, Tejal finishes the drink. Everybody stares at her. She looks around and says there is no poison. But she starts feeling drowsy and suddenly faints. Aniket rushes towards her. Pleads her to open her eyes. But Tejal is unmoved. Nachiket tells that she should be taken to the hospital. Aniket takes Tejal in his arms and runs out.

Here in Mazumdar party, Binoy comes and makes an announcement that they will present a special song for their parents and then celebrate a rocking party. Menka asks Sanyukta again about Aniket. She expresses doubt if Aniket is not interested to meet her daughter or not. Sanyukta assures that Aniket is more excited than all of them to meet Anushka. Maybe he got trapped in a traffic jam. That's why he is getting late.
Meanwhile Sushila goes and tells Binoy that Aniket is not in room. He's not even picking up the call. They become worried. Sanyukta overhears them.

In the meantime Aniket and Nachiket are driving to the hospital. Aniket sits in the backseat with Tejal on his lap. (Aww!!) They reach hospital but to their surprise no one is there in the hospital. They shout. One wardboy comes out and tells that the doctors are on a strike. So no treatment is possible now. They don't listen and tells the wardboy to bring a stretcher. They runs inside with Tejal lying on the stretcher.

At Mazumdar party, Shaswat tells Binoy that they will not perform song and is very upset. Binoy tries to pacify him. Sanyukta comes to them and tells them to move ahead with their plans and continue the party. But Foram tells that they cannot sing without Aniket bhai. Sanyukta starts getting angry. Sushila tries to calm down the situation by telling that she will arrange another round of tea. She then calls her sisters and tells them to dance with her to liven up the party. They starts dancing. Babubhai beats the drum. But the guests are super bored. Seeing this Sanyukta signals Babubhai to stop the drum.. Menka is also upset and looks at Sanyukta.

Here in hospital, Aniket peeks into a room and sees the doctors sitting ideally with posters and banners. Aniket goes to them and requests them to check Tejal. They tells that Doctor's Association strike is going on. So no treatment. Aniket folds his hands, pleads them. But they are unmoved. Cry
He runs to unconscious Tejal, holds her cheeks, put his hands on her head and says "nothing will happen to you Tejal".

He again comes to the doctors and cries. But they tell if they keep on listening to patient's requests and keep treating, their demands will not be fulfilled. Aniket pleads and cries in front of them. Asks what they would have done if the patient was one of their family members. Cry He shouts at them not to sit stupefied like stones. Even the God at temples are made of stones but He helps his devotees. The doctors are the live Gods for man. so why they are not doing their duty. He cries his heart out and shouts: "Dont do anything. I'll not let anything happen to my Tejal. I'll take her to another hospital." He then looks at unconscious Tejal and tells "Dont lose your courage Tejal. I'll not let anything happen to you". Cry

They starts to move when suddenly a lady doctor comes out and tells them to stop. She tells she'll check Tejal. Aniket and Nachiket are relieved. (Why not! His long lecture bore fruit). The other doctors come out and stops the lady doctor. But she argues that if she doesn't do her duty she cannot meet her own eyes. And her ethics don't allow her that. She then starts checking Tejal. Episode ends.

Precap: Shaswat comes and tells everybody that Aniket has gone to hospital to attend someone. Every body looks disturbed..