Video Update : 18 July 2012 Diya Aur Bati Hum Video

well the epi began with the sad moment! when i saw the jalebi, (from the yesterday's precap i knew it but still i was so sad!)Unhappy Disapprove Ouch D'ohBroken Heart

pyaari Meena was trying her best to drag Vikram's attention, but of course she succeeded LOL (or Vikram is gonna spy on her? test her?)D'oh

Chotu said the right thing!Clap "something must have gone wrong!" Shocked

The "TV switching off" reaction was superb!Star
What followed me to curse Mohit and Chavi again!Evil Smile (that he should get a rich but adamant wife who slowly torture him and Chavi's pyaari Saas should do some gad-bad!!)Evil Smile

I missed Rajkumar!Wink

How on earth lovely Jayat got married to an adamant lady?!Shocked Winkher dialogues, trying extra smart! Making JelabiShocked...!! but Jayat was nice...!! Smile

Meena convinced Vikram ?! what is she gonna do?! Gonna create offers at shop to attract people?!LOL and to disturb poor Vikram's peace!!LOL

Sandhya effect again! This time on Bhabho, she helped an unknown person!Shocked
(well he did try to impress her, if it was in Hindi, she would have taken him to hospital...!!)LOL

but OMG ROFL at the reeactions of Bhabho when the guy was eeeing towards her?!! (is he really something like it hints??Sleepy)

Sooraj was dull due to the fried jalebi...!! and what did Sandhya do??!! Embarrassed it was a so sweet moment!Day Dreaming when she replied to him as they used to and she used the same words with he inspired her! Day Dreaming

(I personally feel that TNJ's comment about SurYaHeart exchanging the Diya aur BaatiHeart positions now!Heart)

Precap: Grrr... Jayat's wife is annoying!Sleepy but Mhara SurYa just budding to their romance!!Dancing