Video Update : 17 July 2012 Diya Aur Bati Hum Video


The foreign lady realizes her misunderstanding. The family is welcomed in a huge restaurant where living and competition takes place.Big smile Sooraj is introduced. WinkBhabasa happy about their room allotted and location.LOL Sooraj gets ready for his introduction.Embarrassed Rathi house watching the show on TV. Tongue Contestants are asked to prepare their favorite dish.Wink Sooraj stumbles in kitchen with new cooking product (Induction Gas)Ouch

Written Update

Sandhya opens up saying they Indians never abuse elders but respect them and gives some strong words to the lady. Bhabo-Bhabasa, SurYa reach the hotel in car and all are stunned to see the huge place.Day Dreaming They are welcomed with garlands and juice from the Manager. Wink Sooraj manages to reply to his talks noticing Sandy's hand signs.Tongue Bhabo unknown about the juice thinks twice to drink it as Sooraj smells it and tells its her fav juice with so n so mixed things and she can drink them. LOL

Manager tells them to reach their room and he will meet them after an hour and asks them to follow. Wink Sooraj doesn't understand as he goes away suddenly and as Sandy tries to call him extending her hand, Sooraj sees her hand sign and says Good night.ShockedD'oh Sandy shocked.Shocked Manager comes and says its day time,Confused Sandy says she wants to thank them etc..LOL Bhabo teases Sandy and Bhabasa says its started now ROFLROFL

Meena tries to go to her dukaan but Chavi asks her to take rest as she isn't feeling ROFL Meena worried about customers as its festival season and jealous that Sooraj shop has more customers.Angry Chaturi comes in, Meena questions and she shows she got bangles and they gave her bindi packet free so she bought 4 more sets..ROFLROFL Meena thinks to apply this trick on her shop. ShockedROFL

Bhabasa stunned seeing their room, happy with the facilities and asks Bhabo to see outside the balcony where they can view whole Singapore from top. Wink Sandy says they all 4 can stay in the same room as without them they will not be fit etc.. Sooraj practices in English to give his introduction speech.LOL

Judge talks about the competition. Rathi family is watching them on TV, Meena wants to confess her plan to Vikram regarding the saadi sales ROFL hence uninterested in watching the programROFL Sandhya explains whatever the Judge speaks. Judges ask contestants to prepare their favorite dish. WinkBhabo asks Sooraj to prepare Jelebi as none can beat him in this snack. Sandhya wishes him luck. Big smile

Sooraj gets all the ingredients ready and tries to start cooking but sees lighter or gas or matches aren't visible.ConfusedConfused He sees induction gas and doesn't no how to operate and asks a person for a help with his best known English language.D'oh The guy shows the operating sequence. Wink
Sooraj is surprised as it was switched on for one shot.ROFLROFL He tries to bake Jalebies but sees the pan was hot more than neededShockedShocked and trumbles to manage the heat level as the jalebies were getting cooked too muchConfusedConfused

Chefs start tasting contestents dishes.Big smile Sooraj turn comes. Sooraj gives worried expressionConfusedOuch and the chefs give shocked and surprised expression. ShockedBhabo-Bhabasa and Sandy are confused.Confused