Video Update : 12 July 2012 Diya Aur Bati Hum Video

Bhabho tell dhai sa that suraj is taking part in international cooking contest n also that he cleared first round of the contest n now he's going to win in singapore also. She says that she's not going alone, sandhya n babasa are also coming with them.

Suraj came n bhabho call him n ask to sit with her n eat, she says that suraj has already said that if bhabho dnt cum with him he'll also not go for contest. Ladies say that suraj is shravan kumar of his parents, dhai sa offers sweet to suraj n then again finds point for taunt.

Dhai sa says that in singapore people speak english n suraj dnt know anything abt it, may be thr also he'll ask everything from sandhya but suraj gave perfect reply by speaking english in front of all, dhai sa was dumbstuck for a moment n then says that sandhya might have taught her, its a benefit of having an educated wife. Bhabho reply that nothing is wrong in learning n also that she's proud of her son. Babasa ask dhai sa to give list if she want anything from there, as thy r leaving tommorrow.

Meanwhile meena felt vomiting n she ran from there, ladies doubt that meena is pregnant, dhai sa taunt bhabho that her house is the home of gud news. But she's angry as bhabho dnt tell her abt meena's pregnancy, she knows that its meena's first child but she's her gud frnd of her. She further taunts that meena needs special care n bhabho this time n she's gng to singapore. Bhabho find her correct n says that she wont go, everyone was shocked.

Meena listen it n finds way to impress all, she goes to bhabho n urge her to go, as suraj needs her more n here chavi will take care of her, bhabho dnt get agree as chavi is not so capable, on that meena says that if that so than dhai sa is here n she'll cum for help whenever she needed, dhai sa nodes unwillingly, meena gave her swear n bhabho agrees & vikram is also impressed by meena's behaviour.

Scene changed, sandhya was doing packing n suddenly she got an idea n she stop the clock n goes towards mirror n started playing with her bangles, suraj came n ask about preprations n sandhya ask abt time, suraj look bck at clock n sandhya says that the clock is not working that's y she's asking the time, suraj tell the approx time n sandhya says that her father says that the person who move with time, will succed n suraj agrees, he moves to watch time in another clock. Sandhya hold his hand n present a watch to him, so that he'll be on time during contest n she tie it with her own hand, suraj really fell gud with it.

Other side, bhabho n babasa dng packing bags, bhabho was putting uncessary food boxes n babasa pan, both taunting each other n babasa flirt with bhabho that she still looks younger n she leaves the room, feeling embarrased, asking him to put passports in bag, she leaves, he was busy in newspaper n dnt look at passports n take n put it as it is.

Next morning, all were ready for leaving, thr was chaos in the house by bhabho n babasa, thy call for bags n then bhabho give instructions to meena, chavi, mohit n vikram to take care of the house n meena specialy. Meena do arti n then sandhya ask for passports n when she look at 3 passports, all were shocked.