Video Update :11 July 2012 Diya Aur Bati Hum Video

Another day, Sandhya returns from the passport office. She tells Bhabho that she has got all the passports. Everyone see the PPs. Bhabho tells she will call her neighbors for lunch and inform them about the Singapore trip. Bhabhasa takes the passports to show to his panwala friend. Bhabho taunts him for behaving childish with important papers. Meena is watching all this from upstairs.Meena goes to her room. She is grumbling in jealousy that she could have gotten married to a halwaii instead of a cloth merchant and gotten an opportunity to fly to a foreign country. She is checking Vikram's clothes for laundry and finds some money in his pocket. She again grumbles on Vikram's stinginess and drops a coin. In the process of trying to find the dropped coin, a masterplan flashes in her mind. She praises herself and says what would happen if Sandhya's PP is lost.Chavvi and Meena in the hall doing some work. Bhabhasa returns home with the PPs. Bhabho takes it from him and gives to Chavvi along with keys to keep them safely in the cupboard. Sandhya has dried clothes in her hands and is going upstairs. Bhabho too goes somewhere. Chavvi is keeping those PPs in the cupboard. Meena comes there and diverts Chavvi's attention before she locks the cupboard saying her mobile is ringing. Chavvi goes from there and Meena takes out the PPs, checks out them and takes Sandhya's PP with her. She tells the promo dialogue thinking about Sandhya, "do as much preparations as you can, you are going to remain here to play cards with me."Meanwhile, Chotu brings a raddiwala to the house as Bhabho had asked him to bring. Bhabho brings some old tins, books, cardboards. Meena peeps out of Bhabho's room and sees it. She carefully hides the PP in her saree and tells Bhabho that she will help. Bhabho gets suspicious and tells Meena never does any work unless she has a benefit and asks whether she wants to sell old sarees. Meena denies it and tells she wants to help genuinely. Bhabho gives the task to her and goes. Meena sees Chotu and tries to send him from there. Chotu answers her appropriately but Meena again tells him to check whether Bhabho has missed anything and he goes. Meena keeps the PP into one of the books and asks the person to weigh the books soon. Sandhya is coming down the stairs and behind Meena. Suddenly Meena turns and is scared whether Sandhya knows what she did and she blabbers when Sandhya asks her something. Then, Chotu brings an empty oil tin and says that is it. Meena is hurrying the raddiwala to take the things soon. Chotu notices and asks her why is she hurrying. Once that raddiwala leaves, Meena is relieved and very happy. Chotu again asks her why is she so happy and Meena rubbishes it.Suraj comes from somewhere on his scooter. Pappuda in the shop. Sees the raddi person and tells Suraj that the cardboards are useful for them but Suraj lets the raddiwala go and tells Pappuda they have already sold and so does not want to take it back.Bhabho has called all the neighborhood ladies for lunch. Bhabho and the ladies are having lunch. The ladies are asking Daisa what is the reason as she knows everything. Daisa tells the last time Bhabho gave them lunch was when Sandhya prepared lunch for them and now again Sandhya must have done some great work. Bhabho tells this time it is not Sandhya, it is Suraj who is praiseworthy. She then taunts Chathuri to pack all her new sarees which Chathuri had already done a while back to indirectly hint the ladies that she is traveling and then says she is going to Singapore. All the ladies laugh and Daisa says what is special in that as she has traveled so may places (she lists all the –purs). Rathi members are having fun on Daisa's innocence. Chavvi finally says Bhabho is traveling by plane to Singapore and Daisa could not believe and asks Chavvi to reiterate. Bhabho teases Daisa that she can see the plane from roof and even wish "ta ta" to Bhabho and Bhabho will wave her hand from the window of the plane. She also informs them that Suraj is participating in a cooking competition and has cleared the selection contests.Suraj is seeing the laddoos and praises Pappuda for good work. Pappuda informs that he injured his hand with broken kadaii and Rajkumar did those. Suraj sees his hand and wants to take to doctor to which Pappuda informs Rajkumar took him to the doctor. By then, Rajkumar comes there and Suraj thanks him. He also offers Rajkumar to work in the shop if he wishes and learn work before he leaves to Singapore and tells him to inform his house about the job. Chathuri comes there and praises Suraj for his helping nature. She again tells her village is small and not many people have phones so she will inform Ishwar kaka to which Rajkumar refuses and tells he himself will inform his mother. Chathuri is thinking he is too good like Suraj. She then remembers and tells Suraj that Bhabho is calling him.

Precap: Looks like Meena has pretended or in real nauseous and Daisa finds out she is pregnant. She asks Bhabho how can she leave a pregnant DIL in the house and go traveling. Bhabho realizes and tells she will not go to Singapore now. Sandhya feels sad and Meena cannot believe her ears.