Video Update : 10 July 2012 Diya Aur Bati Hum Video

SurYa on their way to return home where Sooraj is excited t osee family's reaction to the result. Chotu says SurYa are coming. Rathi members run here and there to show themselves casual ROFL Sooraj comes in and tries to talk to each person regrding his success but every one ignore saying they have some work ROFLROFL Sooraj is all confused.ConfusedROFL

Sandhya and Bhabo at their naughty smile. TongueSandhya asks Sooraj to celebrate alone his success but he says its their family member's success so he wants to celebrate with everyone. Big smileBhabo tells to Sooraj they have to travel to Maasa place by evening and return after 15 days. SleepySooraj is shocked and confused.ConfusedOuch

Bhabasa spills beans bringing fly'ing and Singapore talks in between. Sooraj understands that they all were involved in the drama and Sandhya had informed them the result.LOL Bhabo feeds sweet to SurYa and praises Sandhya that she achieved what she promised Bhabo.Big smile

Family members are all happy congratulating Sooraj. Sandhya says any 3 other members of family can travel to Singapore with Sooraj. Chavi and Mohit race to go with Sooraj ROFLROFL Meena finds a silly reason to travel to singapore ShockedAngry Vikram avoids her ROFLROFL Bhabasa says he wants to travel

Bhabo taunts saying he will fall ill if he goes there. Sooraj says he wants to take everyone but it isn't possible now and asks Bhabo to accompany him as she is his biggest support. Embarrassed Bhabo later says she decided who needs to go and says Sandhya with go with Sooraj as she knows Englis wellLOL and Bhabo goes along with Bhabasa. Bhabasa is stunned and happy. LOL

Sandhya teaching the names of spices like Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric in EnglishLOL and when Sooraj asks if he forgets the name in tension she gives an alteranate solution.Wink She teaches him sign language that show how to talk through hands showing words like ... Good, Am fine. etcLOL Both are happy in the end.Embarrassed

Precap : Meena having Sandhya passport with her.Shocked Hides the passport in files that are carried by some person with Chotu.Confused Says to self that how Sandhya goes to Singapore now.