Video Update : 12 July 2012 Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Video

The episode begins with Mahadev telling Brihaspati along with other devtas that a solution always comes from above,just like Bagirathas solution,that will be one that solve everyones problems resulting in the well being of the world,a contribution that Bagiratha will always be remebered for.Kaama(Desire) is the root cause of everything,be it Tarkasurs desire to rule Swarga or Indras desire for his throne,but says that Bagiraths desire is not for himself but for the world.Brihaspati asks what about our problem(LOL...he looks like hes thinking what does Bagirath have to do with our problem?ROFL).Mahadev says that a solution will come up at the right time and goes back into meditation.

Bagiratha is talking to Kapil Muni asking him for a solution-the earth has no water,the ongoing war between the devtas and the asurs has polluted the earth and his succesors still havent got mukti,and says people all over are suffering.Kapil Muni says that a sin done by ancestors always get carried on by those who precede them,but says he knows Bagiraths intentions are good,and hence tells him a solution-the solution of everyones problems lies in the Himalayas.

Brihaspati says that they can do nothing but wait for Mahadev and Parvatis marriage,the birth of thier son,and the defeat of Tarkasur.But says that the wait holds something good for them in the future.

At Swarga Tarkasur is being crowned(yeah!!!!!!!!...Party toh banta Hai na??DancingWinkParty).Tarkasur gives a thank you speech as all the asurs along with Shukracharya look on.He says finally they proved that Asurs are better than Devtas and now the Asurs will rule over swarga till enternity.

At Himalaya Indra is trying to give a justification as to why he ran awayLOL,as all the other devtas look at him with disgust.He says says what if he died?,if something happened to him everything would be over(grrr...i hate this guy alreadyDead-he makes daksha seem tolerable!!Angry),and says just beacuse he should look after Swarga doesnt mean he should die for it.He says he did Jagat KalyanROFL..(Joke of the DayROFL),and now HE will find a solution to the problem(Jitens Expressions are so good in this scene you really want to slap Indra!Clap).He blames Mahadev and Parvati and says why cant they get married soon?ROFL.Vayu dev tells him that Parvati left her Royal lifestyle and is going through Tapasya to please Mahadev,and only she and Mahadev can give a solution to the Tarkasur problem.But Indra has other plans and says that they have to accelerate Parvatis TapasayaDead so that she and Mahadev can get married soon.The other devtas are unwilling but Indra bullies them into itOuch.

At Himavans palace Himavan welcomes Bagiratha but expresses his helplessness in not being able to help them.Bagirath says Kapil Muni cannot be wrong and his solution lies here only.Rishi Dadhichi understands what he is refering to and tells him that everyones solution lies in Mahadev.Bagiratha decides to find him,Dadhichi smilingly says that finding Mahadev is very hard,people die in thier efforts of meeting him.Bagiratha leaves and Dadhichi blesses him that his Tapasya will be complete.

Outside Amarnath Indra orders Agni Dev to increase the tempreture of the fire surrounding Parvati so that her Tapasya can get over faster.Agni Dev is hesitant but Indradev forces him,saying he what happens to Parvati is Mahadevs business Angry not theirs.Parvati is deep in meditation,constantly chanting "Om Namah Shivah" as the fire around her increases,Parvati begins to sweat but still continues with her chants.Meanwhile two white pigoesn enter Amarnath and sit at a distance.Mahadev is getting angrier and angrier as he finally opens his eyes.Nandi asks him what happened when Mahadev angrily replies that Indra has crossed all his limits and has for his selfish reasons try to manupilate his and Adi Shaktis ways.Indra is pleased with himself,untill the ground starts shaking and Mahadev aapears along with Nandi,both glaring at him angrilyAngry.Indra coversROFL,and joins his hands terrified.Mahadev glares at him and angrily asks what was the reason to interfere in Adi Shaktis efforts to realize herself,and says he is only bothered about himself and is selfish.Indradev tries to jsutify himself saying he did it for Jagat kalyaanROFL(Yeah right!),Mahadev glares at him and says his arrogance and ignorance have crossed all times,he needs to get punished.Mahadev picks up his Trishul and Indra begins to shiver when Bramha intervenes and asks him to spare Indra life.Mahadev unwillingly put his trisul down(OuchI was hoping Mahadev would Trash Indra..grrr).Mahadev keeps his Trishul down,but says Indra needs to learn his lesson,and annonces him as Unfit for the Throne of Swarga and with that throws him far away with his Trishul(where that is-pata nahiLOL).Bramha promises Mahadev that there will be no more interference by any Devta Hence forth and All the other Devtas along with Bramha dev leave.Mahadev instrcts Nandi to guard the cave and prevent anyone from entering the cave.Nandi enters the cave and sits besides Parvati,Parvati senses someone near her and opens her eyes and is surprised to see Nandi.Nandi narrates to her all what happened and Parvati looks surprised when Nandi tells her he is here to protect her.Parvati says that she needs to do all the jobs relating to the Tapasya herself,and that includes protecting herself and hence refuses Nandis help and asks him to leave.Mahadev smiles to himself with a sense of pride(awww)Day Dreaming,seeing Parvatis willingness to do everything on her own.Embarrassed

*my guess is we are going to see this one for a long timeLOL*
Mahadev is standing on a cliff looking down smiling,Parvati says "Jagat Kalyan Ke Liye Ganga ko apne Jaata Main Dharan Kijiye"-for the Good of the word place Ganga on youre head.Gangas strong tides descend on earth,and finally are on Mahadevs Jaata(its a sight to see...Mahadev looks complete-as we know him,with Ganga flowing from his Jaata