Devi Coming 18 January 2010 only on NDTV Imagine

NDTV Imagine gears up for a twin launch on January 18th...


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Based on a true life incident, Imagine presents a new show on the superstitions that plague rural India

Mumbai, December 28, 2009: India, as we all know is a nation where rituals, traditions, superstitions, beliefs, good luck charms and bad luck symbols continue to be an integral part of the country’s consciousness. Produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms Ltd, Imagine’s new show Devi, is based on a true-life incident and brings to light the superstitions prevailing in rural India.

Devi is the story of a young innocent girl child, Laxmi, who gets branded as the reincarnation of a Goddess. Laxmi is born to an extremely poor family in a drought stricken village, craving for rain. Her father, who is in no position to feed her, decides to abandon her in the village temple. However, at that very moment, the rain gods smile on the village and the 3-year long drought is broken. Laxmi is proclaimed to be the bearer of this good fortune and is bestowed the status of a Goddess. While she receives special care and attention, she is also forced to lead an abnormal life, very different from a regular girl her age. The story traces Devi’s exploitation at the hands of the village, entrenched in blind faith and superstition.

Announcing the show, Shailja Kejriwal, EVP-Content Imagine says, “Television today is in many ways a reflection of what is happening in our society. Devi is one such compelling story, which is based on a real life incident and brings to light the superstitions that plague rural India even today. It is a captivating story and will be a real eye opener for our viewers.”

Will Laxmi ever be allowed to lead a normal life or will she forced to carry the burden of being a DEVI? Watch Devi on Imagine starting 18 January 2010.