Video Update : 10 July 2012 Dekha Ek Khwaab Video

The episode starts with Manyata in her room and gets a call from Akash. She yells at him saying that he ruined eversonyything. Akash says that UV is the one who ruined her by rejecting her in front of everyone. Manyata tells him UV saved her reputation. Akash tells her to be with him and then they both can ruin UV. Manyata tells him that she wants nothing to do with him and will not further deceive UV and her family and to never call her again as he is no one to her. Akash tells Manyata that if she can't be his then he will not let her be with anyone else. Akash is shocked to see Tara who has listened to eversonyything.

JN tells her friends that they will party all night. JN is ordering the servants and guards telling them that soon she will be the Yuvrani. Vijay bhai teases her about how she is once again dreaming about the impossible. Vijay Bhai tells JN that she is the one who did all the wrongs and Manyata is being punished for eversonyything. JN tells him that this is politics and as Manyata is busy with pacifying all the family members so she will be taking care of the riyasat. Vijay Bhai warns her to stop with her games.

Manyata comes to Komal to apologize but Komal ignores her and calls her Your Highness. Komal tells Manyata that by running away on her wedding day she has proved that she does not truly care for her family. Komal tells her that the god had given her eversonyything but she did not value it and it will take her forever to gain all that she has lost. Manyata tearfully leaves the room. Komal is also in tears.

Akash tries to talk with Tara but she stops him and tells him that he is Akash not her Aryan. She tells him that she sympathizes with what he had to go through but that does not mean that he can use her. She is crying, Akash tries to hold her but Tara refuses to listen to him and tells him that she is leaving him forever. She advices him to not burn his present and turn his future into ashes.

Manyata in her room thinking about all the moments she spent with UV while a song plays in the background. She then remembers how Akash treated her after his return. JN enters Manyata's room and with her trade mark smirk questions her on whose thoughts she was lost in. Manyata tells JN that if she and UV marriage didn't happen now doesn't mean it will never happen. JN tells her that first UV, then family, and lastly the crown she is will take eversonyything from Manyata. Manyata tells her that she can do whatever she wants but what is her will remain hers. JN tells her not to challenge her as she doesn't have DS nor UV to support her. Manyata tells her to not dream of UV as UV loves her. JN tells her that UV use to love her but not anymore. Manyata says she will turn UV's hatred into love. JN says to let's play this game and whoever wins will get UV.

Precap: Manyata locked in her room keeps banging on the closed window and the door yelling out help her and to open the door.