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Thread: Tricky Terrance (KABHI KUSHI KABHI GAM)

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    Default Tricky Terrance (KABHI KUSHI KABHI GAM)

    Man, i tell you Terrance is little off beat on his job, he is the best teacher, but judge, i think he has little soft side for his contestant, and that's not fare for all participant, what he try on Dharmesh and what he try on Shakti today, anybody can tell, and i have doubt already about this that when time, come you will see properly, AGAIN GOD BLESS DHARMESH, I wish always right contestant win, Shakti is good, but.....Dharmesh is the best.

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    Default Re: Tricky Terrance (KABHI KUSHI KABHI GAM)

    terrance is the best mentor of body can even match with him!!!

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