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Thread: Terrance Seen Little Off Beat

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    Default Terrance Seen Little Off Beat

    I respect Terrance, but today, What he comments for Dharmesh, Its Little Off Beat, as Remo tell about dharmesh's dance, is quiet perfect, and today first time i am with Geeta, how she talk to Terrance about his comments for Dharmesh, Good job Geeta, and ya Dharmesh Did the best best dance, today and i think he suppose to be a best dancer today also, but anyway, something going on and that i feel so i want to share with everybody, again God Bless Dharmesh.

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    Default Re: Terrance Seen Little Off Beat

    I completely agree with u.
    Terrence is very insecure about Dharmesh..He is doing different styles yet performing excellent. While Shakti is performing only contemporary..this was her 13th contemporary dance. And another point is Shakti can dance only on Terrence-made contemporary dance.

    Dharmesh is best..very versatile and deserves to win!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Terrance Seen Little Off Beat

    it was ok

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