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Scoreline: India 338 all out – Sachin Tendulkar 120 (115), Yuvraj 58 (50), Gambhir 51 (61) | Bresnan 10-1-48-5
England tie the game: Andrew Strauss 158 (145), Ian Bell 69 (71), Bresnan 14 (9), Swann 15 (9) | Zaheer3, Chawla 2, Munaf 2

India: In SA, Yuvraj appeared to be wheezing back into his game but unfortunately Sachin left after the 1st or 2nd ODI. If ever you’re having a problem with Yuvraj’s form, get him to bat with Tendulkar. It’s not just the insights from Tendulkar in match conditions, but a basic story of Yuvraj as a kid never missing cricket practice with the sole ambition of one day batting alongside Sachin. He’s probably still not there fully yet, but one more game alongside Tendulkar and he’ll be fine. Yuvraj and Chawla regaining their confidence seems almost central to any chances of India overcoming their other glaring deficiencies.

England: As Nasser Hussain put it postmatch, rarely will a Sachin hundred be overshadowed by someone else within the same game.
Good comeback for Ian Bell also vs India. During the 2007 Indian tour of Eng, he was involved in the jellybean incident, had a few run-ins with some of the Indians. Ended up being targeted by the Indians every time he came out to bat. Batted like a madman and wasted away his obvious precocious talent at the time.