The Master Blaster
Analogy to the old wine that gets better with time may sound clichéd, but Sachin Tendulkar’s sagacious serenity with the bat has been undeniable lately.

At the age of 37 when he holds almost every batting record the sport can boast of, Sachin Tendulkar bats like a disciplined samurai -- wielding the willow with a seemingly unperturbed mind, economy of physical movement, sublime stroke-making, graceful follow-throughs, and, last but not the least, ingenious intuition for whacking across the ropes every loose ball thrown at him.

The little master’s peaking form beggars belief, for it was just a few years ago (around 2006) when, following a string of dismal performances, he was dubbed ‘Endulkar’, alluding to the end of his career. His career obits were penned by the critics, and the batting maestro seemed headed for a forgettable fade-out. But some geniuses aren’t made for such swan song. Almost miraculously, Sachin arose again, regained form, broke records and today is the most consummate batsman -- probably the best in the history of cricket. He’s the little master who towers over all.

Here we bring you a few great feats and defining moments of the man who continues to confound everyone with his incredible sporting genius.