Sanaya Irani, who plays a dog trainer in her new show Chanchan, says she took it up at her father's insistence.

"I was offered two shows at the same time and my father asked me about the titles of the show. When he heard about Chanchan, he insisted at taking it up. He calls me Chanchan when I wake up in the morning."

On her character, Sanaya says, "I am a dog lover in real life too. I have two dogs at home. I am also very opinionated like Chanchan and don't believe in following society norms. She does what she feels is right. She is a bubbly and happy-go-lucky girl who makes people smile. I wasn't given any brief during the auditions and had to be my natural self. And, for the first time, I was satisfied with my audition."

So, does she feel the pressure of playing the title role? "Not at all. If I felt the pressure, I wouldn't have taken it up in the first place." The actress says the show isn't overly dramatic like other shows on the tube and there won't be unnecessary rona dhona in it. "The USP of the show is that it's not regressive and the character is not a suppressed one. I am being me while playing her. I won't have to shed copious tears unlike other shows on the tube. Life isn't as dramatic as it is shown on television."

Talking about Supriya Pathak, who plays her mother-in-law, Sanaya says, "Supriya is really very sweet. I didn't know much about her and had just seen her movie Khichdi. She is a nice person to work with."

Chanchan starts today and will air Monday to Thursday, 9pm, on Sony Entertainment Television.